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DOT 49 CFR Emergency Contact

DOT 49 CFR Emergency Contact:

According to DOT 49 CFR 172.604, “A person who offers a hazardous material for transportation must provide an emergency response telephone number, including the area code or international access code, for use in the event of an emergency involving hazardous material. The telephone number must be monitored at all times by a person who is knowledgeable of the hazardous material being shipped and has comprehensive emergency response and incident mitigation information for that material.”

ERTS provides a cost-effective, nationwide 24 hour phone service that fulfills this requirement. In the event of an incident, ERTS will keep you updated both telephonically and electronically through our Alerts System.

In addition to providing hazmat communication, ERTS can cost-effectively manage the cleanup of your spill. Please see our 24 Hour Emergency Spill Response Management page for more details.

Please contact us for additional information on this service that ERTS offers for an annual fee.

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