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24 Hour Emergency Spill Response

24 Hour Emergency Spill Response Management:

ERTS has been an industry leader in North American spill response management for over a decade. Our turnkey service has proven to be a cost effective strategy for some of the largest transportation, insurance, oil/gas, logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing companies in North America.

ERTS has full response coverage across North America 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. An ERTS project manager will be your main point of contact from the initial call through project closure. ERTS utilizes a network of over 1000 pre-screened contractors to ensure your company receives a quick response time. Although response times may vary ERTS typically provides a response time of an hour or less on average.

ERTS achieves cost savings for our clients on every incident. Our company maintains exclusive discounts with our network contractors that we pass along directly to our clients. ERTS does not mark up or charge a percentage of contractor invoices so there is no conflict of interest in keeping response costs to an absolute minimum for our clients. ERTS project managers utilize several proven techniques to ensure the control and minimization of all costs associated with a spill cleanup.

ERTS clients receive immediate real time email updates on spill cleanup activities through our exclusive Patent Pending Alerts System. Our Alerts System is time/date stamped providing an indelible record of response activities that would reduce potential long term environmental liability. Clients can attach files and communicate directly with our project managers through the system and all features are fully customizable to client preferences. Your company can access our Alerts System indefinitely with a login/password that we provide. All documents including regulatory reports, photos and comprehensive final report will be attached directly to the Alert for your convenience. In addition you can generate and run reports from the Alert System in both excel and adobe to get a complete picture of the type of incidents that have occurred, the regulatory reporting that was completed, the cost of the cleanup, and much more. For a demonstration of our Alert System please contact us.

Comfort and Convenience
As a Responsible Care® partner, ERTS is a credentialed, environmentally specialized company looking out for your company’s best interest on every incident. ERTS has over 70 years of cumulative environmental industry experience and ensures that you are in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations at all times.

No Obligation
ERTS has no sign-up fee, annual fee, or exclusive agreement.

For more information on getting signed up for our 24 hour emergency response services please contact us.

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